Week 2: Seek Out Your Circle

Seek Out Your Circle!
Are you who you spend time with more than just being you are what you eat? Maybe it is a little bit of both! How often do we start taking on the emotions of those around us like a sneeze?!! This past week I watched a TedTalk on how contagious we really are by Vanessa Van Edwards. Vanessa reminded me of the importance of watching the company we keep and it is perfect for our Week 2 theme on "Seeking Out Your Circle"! View her video, read Chapter 2 on pages 45 to 50 of Rethink Creativity and reflect on the questions below.

Reflect on the following Questions:

  • Who are the give people I sped the most time with at work? How are they similar? How are they different?

  • When was the last time I felt curious in my work?

  • As a leader, how can I ensure I receive input and gather perspectives from multiple resources instead of clinging to one?

  • As a company, how cam we do a better job of attracting talent that will bring diverse perspectives to our work?

  • As a company, how can we encourage our emplyees to stay opinion minded?

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