Week 3: Success and Time

Time is of the Essence Week 3!
The tick of the clock can sometimes feel like the enemy! The anxiety of it all might feel like we are completing one task after another, but where is creativity and are we really accomplishing our goals?

On pages 55-61 of Chapter 3, Monica discusses how the best of what we do does not happen over night. Challenging us to plan for creativity and not allowing time to cause use to overlook the big picture was the details might require more focus. Dive into the questions Monica created below.

Reflect on the following Questions:

  • How could I have approached a recent challenge with a customer, client, or a colleague differently?

  • As a team leader, how can I encourage my team members to practice creative thinking and creative problem-solving?

  • As a company, how can we empower leaders to prioritize creative thinking even if it takes time and trial and error?