Week 1: Owning Creativity

Thrive in Week 1!
As an Educator Entrepreneur, I often find myself craving  creativity.  How can I best engage my students and how can I best engage my podcast listeners and magazine subscribers. The art of visually vibrant graphics and the selection of impact topics always come to mind, but I know that I can do more and continue to grow in my definition of what it means to be a creative!

On pages 35-40 of Chapter 1, Monica stresses the importance of not subscribing to one formula, in fact thinking that you can draw a box. stick within its lines and call it creative defeats the core of what it means to be creative in the first place. Ponder over the questions below and share your thoughts!

Reflect on the following Questions:

  • When was the last time I felt creative? What was I doing? Why was I feeling creative?

  • Why do I love creating? Why?