Week 6: Social Media Tools: Facebook

Welcome to Week 6:
Social Media Tools: Facebook!

The second part of this book is all about “Creating Your Pillars”. These are the Tools that you can use to market your message. Chapter 6 focuses on the power of Facebook. As a user of Facebook who is just recently using their page features, I would describe myself as a novice as I get serious about using their Back Office marketing tools, but I am finding them useful.


  1. Do you have a Facebook page? If not, why not?
  2. Identify features of Costa Kapthanais’ story that can be replicated to help build your personal brand. Name and explain one feature that would be useful to you. 
    • a. NOTE: Your strategy might not always look the same as someone else’s and that is okay, but there surely are best practices that everyone can benefit from. In business, you can always learn from someone else because someone else is always doing it better! In the end, go with your gut with a combination of research! 

Action Step: Make a Facebook Page and take some time to explore some features. 

Admiration: Review Costa Kapothanasis’ IG page (COSTAKAPO) and identify positives of their branding and if they align to your strategy to be used for your brand growth.  Use the hashtag #BlueCheckBookClub @MissReed and @garyvee

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