Week 5: Validate Yourself


  1. Not seeing your dream come to life can be depressing at times.:( What activities and/or habits do you engage in to ensure that your mood is conducive for productivity?  

  2. Pat had to make a tough decision to invest in his own brand when he was approached with a great offer from a former co-worker. Write an affirmation to reflect on that will keep you focused on the big picture.

  3. Share an intriguing statement. Take a picture of the statement and upload it to the discussion board. Explain why that statement pushed you into deeper thinking.   

  • Admiration: Contact Pat Flynn IG: PatFlynn Smart Passive Income. His story was motivating to me as I loved how he just jumped in and rolled with it. It is inspiring! Use the hashtag #BlueCheckBookClub @MissReed and @garyvee
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