Week 7: Getting Discovered

Welcome to Week 7:
The Discovery Process

Chapter 7 is literally 3 pages long and might honestly be my favorite chapter in this book because it focuses on the value of collaboration and how to leverage the authenticity of these connections.  This chapter also reminds me of the hard work that is needed to continue the journey of growth!


  1. Research Hashtags that fit your brand. Make a list of hashtags that you will use strategically when engaging with others on Social Media!
  2. How can you partner with others to increase your exposure? 

ACTION STEPS: As we reflect on the sacrifices of our Military in the U.S., we see the countless ultimate sacrifices that have been made, I encourage you to be grateful for all the opportunity we have on this Memorial Day. Please take a moment of silence with me in honoring their lives so we can live freely today.

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