Week 10: Twitter

Welcome to Week 10:

I remember the first day I joined Twitter in 2008. It was at the NAACP National Convention in New York, New York. I hear they named that city twice because it was so good! :) From that point on, I was hooked! Twitter is great for staying current and up to date on trends. It was also great for connecting with people near and far. I learned the power of the hashtag here. Hope you enjoy Week 10 as much as I did!

  1. Lurking is a term used for people who do not engage in conversation on Twitter, but just watch. How can lurking help you become a better listener via Twitter? 
  2. A current trend on Twitter is the use of the thread. How can you use threads (How to) to bring you closer to getting noticed?
  3. Visit Jared Polin's Youtube Channel. What features in his video could help you get noticed? (Tweeting out video can help you get noticed too!) 
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