Week 7: Failure's Fate

Is Failure Fatal?
Winston Churchill exclaimed thatSuccess is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” This is a quote that my students and I reflected on that has also brought me great encouragement moving forward in my career and life in general.

On pages 103-112 of Chapter 7, Monica discusses how failure comes in different forms with different consequences. This truth makes it even more difficult to navigate, yet in the end failure is something that all of us experience. Check-out the reflection questions below to prepare for failure and keep going!

Reflect on the following Questions:

  • Why am I afraid of failing? What are things I stopped doing and started doing as a result of fear of failing?

  • Who are leaders you admire? Research their failures and challenges by asking questions: What can I learn from them? What can I do today as a result of my learning from their journey?

  • As a manager, how can I encourage a culture of risk-taking?

Rian ReedComment