Week 1: Discovering You

Hearing the authentic stories of others is also a time to reflect on our lives too. The power in Michelle Obama’s words bring an artistic expression that compels deep thought beginning in the first line of her work BECOMING.

On pages 3-16 of Chapter 1, Auntie Michelle gives us a peek into her childhood. The people she loved and the people that loved her. These experiences have shaped her into the women she is today as she navigates us through the dynamics of becoming. Here are reflection questions to help us reflect on the power of our own becoming story.

Reflect on the following Questions:

  • What is your “sound of striving”?

  • Is there a feature of your life that you should be paying more attention to? How could paying attention to this area improve your life?

  • How does your “unseen history” impact your authentic self?

Looking forward to growing with you during the #BlueCheckBookClub!

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