I Am The Change I Wish to See In The World! 


Rian Reed, MBA is an Educator Entrepreneur who is using the Digital Space to Empower through her brand RianReed.com.

Rian is the host of Reminisce the podcast that empowers through Education, Health and Wealth as well as Reminisce: The Empowered Lifestyle Magazine. She is also the host of the #BlueCheckBookClub which dives deep into wealth building and leadership for brand impact. She has been featured in The Atlantic Magazine for her voice on increasing teacher diversity. She is a native of Penllyn, PA where she was raised in a loving family of 5 by James and Toni Reed. Laughter, adventure and appreciation for the diversity that people bring to the table have always been at the core of what makes Rian unique. In her hometown, she is recognized as a recipient of the honor Citizen of the Week for her contribution to civic engagement within the public school system.

She is a graduate of Millersville University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary and Special Education. One of the highlights of her undergraduate experiences is sharing an originally written work at her own commencement ceremony. She was also a speaker at Harvard University’s 16th Annual Alumni of Color Conference for her work in infusing Culturally Responsive Teaching practices in Literacy and Numeracy.  Her social impact and advocacy skills allowed her to devote over half of her life to Civil Rights, serving in capacities such as President of the NAACP Youth and College Division of the Pennsylvania State Conference and National Resolutions Committee member, driving the national agenda for the Organization. In this role as President she re-charted 4 Youth and College Chapters, and increased membership by 65%. In partnership with Millersville University, she also served on the allocations committee in order to allocate $1.2 Million to campus organizations. She is vested in inspiring and empowering communities!

Currently, she devotes her time to serving the community as an educator at Laurel High School. In her 6th year of teaching she continues to be a life-long learner by taking on the challenge of the National Board Teaching Certification. She also recently earned her Google Educator Certification-Level 1. Her commitment to STEM integration in education has allowed her to make partnerships with groups such as EverFi and NASA in order to bring her students the most quality education. She also believes in the importance of community engagement in the educational process which is why she exposes her students to organization such as the S.O.C.K.S Movement, much supports the homeless community in Washington, DC and Prince George's County Clean Up, Green Up  program. Rian continues to bring her value of community activist into the classroom by participating in dialogue with students about the Black Lives Matter movement. She is also a proud StartingBloc Fellow DC'17.

Rian continues to impact her community by creating spaces to discuss education, health and wealth. Check-out the rest of her site to find out more about how you can engage with Rian and be apart of making an impact in your personal and professional life though education, health and wealth as she continues to impact her community by inspiring others to create community through purposeful opportunities and resiliency. 



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