Week 2: What (Still) Matters

Welcome to week 2 of #BlueCheckBookClub!

Take time to reflect on the following questions and respond to comments by March 30th. My goal is to provide you with an opportunity to reflect and apply the content shared in CRUSHING IT by Gary Vaynerchuk. Only persons with the link are able to view this post. Additionally, feel free to direct those who would like to join our book club to https://www.rianreed.com/book-club/. 

    1) Review the factors that STILL matter. (Intent, Authenticity, Passion, Patience, Speed, Work, Attention) Discuss how you have been effective in one of those areas and discuss one area that you need to make improvements on.
  • Admiration: Contact someone from Chapter 2 via social media and share how the content in chapter 2 has impacted your growth. Use the hashtag #BlueCheckBookClub and @garyvee